Monday, March 29, 2010

Otto Dix: War

Woah! this workk done by Otto Dix caught my eye instantly with its murky and gruesome portrayal of the horrors of WWI. I instantly became curious about what Dix might have been thinking at the particular time when he created this capturing piece. I read about how Dix was horrified and haunted about the images he had seen during the war, images that one would not even begin to describe; prior to laying eyes on some of Otto Dix's paintings that is. I can honestly say that I looked at this painting several times and was constantly drawn back to its immaculate detail and gruesome imagery. I could not imagine having come across a sight like THIS!! And then sitting down with an easel and a few paints and beginning to repaint it!!!! What a vivid memory Otto Dix hadin order to be able to re-create something so horrorific yet ccapturing. Even those who escaped death were scarred, forever mentally wounded by their experiences during WWI.

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