Monday, March 29, 2010

Robert Benney: Paintings of Naval Aviation

One form of warfare that I have always had an interest in is that of the Naval Forces. In my opinion there is something intriguing about the risk and danger that is involved in fighting on those magnificent dark waves. I have grown up hearing stories from my Grandfather who was an E-9 Petty officer in charge of all naval aircraft during the Cuban Missil Crisis -John F. Kennedy. I can honestly say that that little tid-bit of family heritage sparked my curiosity as I immediately began to research the Naval Forces that were involved in combat during the Great Break of WWI. As I searched I came across the works of Robert Benny, an American oil painter, who worked tirelessly on depicting the Naval Aviation Department's role in the major battles of the Pacific during the war. This painting, titled The Kill is one of my FAVORITES as it gives a dramatic presentation of a sea-sky battle. I really like Benney's use of colors in his works, as it brings a life to the paintings. Benney has several collections but Imost enjoyed those of his Naval Aviation Collection.

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