Monday, March 29, 2010

Robert Benney: The Battle of Midway

Another piece of work by Robert Benney that drew my attention was that of his depiction of The Battle of Midway. This painting shows just how brutal ocean combat got during WWI. At this time Germany was successful in building up a large modern navy, however, Great Britian was equally as determined to continue maintaing its naval superiority. This particular work depicts a withering attack on a Japanese cruiser by the United States and Hawaii. I can only imagine the sounds of the bombs that exploded leaving death in their paths as violent waves crashed up against the ship. Whenever I see a painting such as this one done by Robert Benney, I often wonder what it might have smelt like. I know that sounds strange but it is true, and I do wonder. the smell of the Salt water fusing with the burning smells left behind from the bombings and shootings. They say that "each picture is worth a thousand words," cliche? yes. But one hundred percent true!!!

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