Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Reaction to class: The Treaty of Versailles

The Treaty of Versailles - signed on June 28, 1919, a "treaty to end all wars." Although this is what Woodrow Wilson had wanted to believe, the Treaty of Versailles was not by any means an "end to all wars." Quite on the contrary, in fact the Treaty of Versailles triggered the anger of Germany as well as that of the "forgotten" countries which included Japan and Italy. I really Enjoyed the lecture on Germany's Response to the Treaty of Versailles and I found it hard to disagree with Germany.I think that she had every right to be angry and upset for the Treaty was corrupt and unfair by all means. For first of all Germany was not even allowed to attend the meetings held in the Palace of Versailles near Paris, therefore she was not allowed to defend herself or speak up for her own thoughts. It is a shame that Germany was put on the chopping-block and there was no logical way for Germany to get the 33 billion dollars needed for War reparations!! But Germany agreed to attempt it, and she accepted the blame. Also upon learning about "The Forgotten Countries" I was exposed to Italy's feelings concerning the war; Japan and Italy were both forgotten when it came time for Treaty-making. Italy on one hand was cheated; for a significant amount of fighting took place in Italy, leaving her to lay in destruction. Not having the good economy like Japan, Italy had no money to completely rebuild her ruined country and when she did not recieve any land from the Treaty, Italy grew angry and felt mislead. On the other hand, I also enjoyed learning about Japan, for now knowing the reasons behind Japan's upset, I have a better understanding for what soon will lead to WWII!!

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