Sunday, April 25, 2010

Connection Across Time~ Dadaism Today!!☺☼ Gautier's Collection!!!◄

Fashion has been an essential part of people's lifes for long centuries. no one is quite sure about the time over one thousand years ago, but, who knows, maybe fashion existed even then! however, without a doubt, fashion made headway with the begining of the 20th century, the most interesting of time periods concerning fashion evolvement.
Fashion Revolution made by Coco Chanel (with her little black dress and the women suit).
Some say that fashion has always been something more than art, it has reflected, more evidently than any art, via personal emotion and real-life movements.

*Now with a background in the evolvement of fashion, let's take a look at Gautier's "Dadaism" line

Jean Paul Gautier's collection "Dadaism" greatly broadened and enhanced the borders of fashion perception. These were his new images and new combinations of usual thing. using the surreal perception, his "man object" men were dressed in sailor vests and skirts! how strange, but, no doubt, Dadaistic. Gautiers Dadaistic fashion collections are always very expressive: "Dadaism""French gigolo""immodest charm of bourgeoisie".
Jean Paul Gautier is in my mind considered to be the Salvador Dali of Fashion. His images were the most unusual, strange, and "grotesque."
today his ideas are now supplemented with mastery and experience.

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