Sunday, April 25, 2010

Response To Hitler's Foreign Policy Class Activity (Mein Kampf): WWII

"You are an expert in foreign policy" that is what we were told. "It is your job to advise the new leaders of Germany." Those were our instructions for the class activity that we all participated in as we were told to read the crisis given to us and we were to use our "expertise" to chose the best policy. I thought this was a really unique and fun activity and it helped me to better understand the policies, including the ones that hitler chose, which led to the Third Reich. Hitler used endless examples of social propoganda as a way to get what he wanted across to the poeple. He wanted to indoctrinate the people of Germany, all ages, into believeing that Hitlaer was in the right, and trying to "help;" this was help at all.
It was in his book,
Mein Kampf (my struggle), where Hitler outlined his theories and program concerning his plot to sieze control of the government, which was in fact, easily crushed and poorly organized. Hitler was then sentenced to prison, (the place where he wrote Mein Kampf).

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