Sunday, April 25, 2010

The First Images of The Battle of Midway ~WWII

Upon researching the events including the battles and naval engagements and combats of World War II, I came across these great images of what took place during the "most significant naval engagement during WWII," as asserted by historians, The Battle of Midway fought from June 4, 1942- June7, 1942.
I think that this image is a great detailed look into the sinking of the Yorktown at the battle of Midway, as the smoke billowed from the USS Yorktown after the air attacks from the Japanese at Midway. The craft surprisingly survived three bomb hits contuing to work until it finally sunk the next day, after being attacked once again.

~*CLICK HERE! to see the first images in video form of the Battle of Midway! *~

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