Friday, April 23, 2010

Response to Class: The Time Between The Wars

During The Time Between The Wars Unit, I really enjoyed listening to my peers' "Age of Anxiety" topics. I enjoy hearing the information from my peers' point-of-view. It is a fun way of mixing up the learning environment, especially concerning history. Some of the topics that really stuck out to me in class presentations were those concerning literature of the time. Learning about how during this time literature also began to explode, along side of the arts! New techniques developed, one known as the "Stream of consciousness." This I learned about in my eleventh grade english class, but, it was really neat to see how that tid-bit of information had its' connection to history during the early twentieth century-The Age of Anxiety. This technique allowed the reader to explore an exact flow of the writers' mind. Writers would write just as they thought, sometimes a jumble of randomized thoughts caught on paper, sometimes a flow of a continuos thought or idea, either way it was the writers way of connecting to the reader, as if they were speaking face-to-face.
 pretty cool huh! I really enjoyed this topic, what an interesting period in history!

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