Sunday, April 25, 2010

Nazi Mass Rallies of 1936

these pictures capture the essence of the totalitarian interpretation of dynamic modern dictatorship, as performed by Hitler. The uniformed members of the Nazi party have all willingly merged themselves into a single force as they continuously await the command and orders of the "godlike" leader. Hitler held these mass rallies as he would have people salute and hail him as the ultimate ruler of the nation.
Talk about totalitarian egocentricism.!

It is astounding to me to see just how many were apart of these Mass Rallies! I could not imagine how loudly Hitler's voice must have resounded throughout Nuremberg just to reach the ears of all Nazi Party members and supporters in unoiform. What a deception Hitler lead! so many people believed and supported him, i think it is quite a shame.  
This particular photo of one of the Nazi's Mass Rallies was taken in Nuremberg. Why Nuremberg? Well being that Nuremberg was an old city in Germany and it did become the main and central location for Nazi Party rallies including the particularly important Youth Rallies for Hitler. Nuremberg was considered to be the place for trying major war criminals, as it seemed an appropriate location for a couple reasons. not only was it in historical association with the rise of the Nazi Party, but the Palace of Justice, which contained space for a prison for defendants and courtrooms, was sufficiently intact and could be renovated for the trials.

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