Sunday, April 25, 2010

~Response to Class: The Six Steps To WWII~ "CRAMCUP!?"

During class Lecture we were introduced to the acronym "CRAMCUP," do not be fooled all you with sweet teeth, no, "cramcup" is not a creamy desert and relative to creme brulee as the word might hint to, but, it is a great acronym and tool to learning the six important steps of World War II: Conscription; Rhineland; Austria; Munich; Czecholslovokia; Ussr/Nazi Pact; Poland. I really enjoyed learning about the six steps to war this way, and about how Neville Chamberlain, the Prime Minister of Germany, declares war. Prior to this unit in class, I had never been exposed to that acronym nor have I ever learned about the depth of the casues, steps and effects of World War II. I enjoy this unit and it surprises me how deep the country of Japan got.
This is a picture of a bond (20 yen) issued by the Japanese Finance Ministry (1942-1943).
I researched Japan a little more outside of class
and discovered that during World War II, Japans government issued war bonds using the Japanese Finance Ministry (Okurasho), and a couple others. The proceeds of these funds were used to fund the war effort. The Start of the Great East Asia War was launched, as we know it, with the bombing of Pearl Harbor and Manila as well as the Invasion of Malaya.

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